RokerPods – Schools & Education

Dated: 19/11/2013 Schoolchildren making an educational visit to the Roker Pods at Marine Walk, Sunderland . Fao Rose Peacock & Karen Marshall ... #NorthNewsAndPictures/2daymedia

The RokerPods primary focus is on education and learning. The pods are available for hire, either choosing to simply hire the space, or for us to design and deliver your programme or lesson for you.

For schools, universities and community groups the Pods can be an extra classroom, a break from the normal school environment and as an opportunity to explore new topics or the natural environment.

The RokerPods are located perfectly between the beach and the park.

Use the Pods to:

  • Introduce a topic to your students or group
  • As a base or a starting point for a day of outdoor learning or participation
  • As a quiet space for small discussion
  • Topics could include wellness, outdoors, environment, art and craft, renewable energy, design… the list goes on…

The following provides an overview of the different sessions CEED can deliver. Each will be delivered through a series of fun games and activities. Topics canbe done in a half day or for more detail extended to a full day session.

A half day is normally 9.30am to 11.30am or 1pm to 3pm.
A full Day is from 10am to 3pm (with 1 hour lunch break)

Rock pooling at Roker with CEED Charity SunderlandHabitats – SeaShore or Woodland and Meadow – Look at the plant and animal life at home on the seashore or in Roker Park. Explore the living conditions and look at how things adapt to live where they live. Focuses on either the beach or the park or combine the two for a longer day comparing different habitats. Can also incorporate Den Building.

Nature and Art – A chance to take a closer look at and to explore the shapes and colours found in the environment. Hunt for special treasures from which to make unique natural art.

Orienteering – Become Pod Pirates and decide where to hide your treasure. Make sure you know where to find it again by learning all about maps, how to make one and how to read them.

Super Senses – Explore the natural environment using your senses. A variety of games focusing on the different senses but which also introduce plants, animals and their homes.

Project work in the Roker Pods Sunderland EducationLiteracy – Let nature be your inspiration. Be encouraged to explore the world around you to create unique stories and poems. 

All the above activities can be delivered to EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2. Sessions will be adapted to suit each age group.

Cost of educational hire and support: 

  • Pod hire only is £50 for a half day and £85 for a full day
  • Pod Hire and one leader is £110.00 for a half day and £185.00 for a full day
  • An additional leader is £50.00 for a half day and £90.00 for a full day
  • Half day bookings can include up to 1 hour for lunch
  • Rates given are 2015.