Roker PodsThe moveable RokerPods arrived at Marine Walk in July 2013.

They’re managed by CEED and primarily used for education purposes.

Designed as a response to the need for more facilities at Marine Walk identified during public consultation; and inspired by the famous ‘canon ball rocks’ found along the base of the cliffs at Roker beachfront, the unique pods can adapt themselves to a variety of uses.

They are also supplied with their own sustainable power source which help generate the energy they need.

One of the Pods has been leased for use as a coffee/tea kiosk at Holey Rock Corner.

The remaining two pods are being leased to us to support us with the work we do with schools and community groups across the city and for community and educational based activities.

As well as using the pods for our own activities, we also hire the Pods out as fabulous event and education spaces. For more information give us a call on 0191 549 8844 or email us.