About CEED


CEED focuses on green spaces, on how they are used, and how they can be improved. We work with schools, community groups and on public sites. Integral to all these is the training of volunteers who are vital to the delivery of CEED’s projects


Providing Education

Raising knowledge and understanding of our environment, of sustainability and of our links with the world around us. Formal and informal sessions and activities tailored to suit.

Supporting Individuals

We provide wonderful volunteering opportunities. Building confidence, providing a sense of belonging and giving real hands-on skills.

Improving Spaces

We improve the green spaces out in our communities. This is done by reviewing how spaces are used and working in the communities by skilling individuals and providing support and the tools needed.
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Alongside our funded projects, we can offer a range of services and support

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  • Advice: Got an idea for improving a patch of land or getting your community engaged? Know you want to do something, but not sure what or how? We can give you expert advice and support and guide you in the best direction.
  • Project Development: CEED can support with growing your ideas. We can help with your design thoughts and work with you to find funding.
  • Practical Delivery: Working with and training your own volunteers or bringing CEED’s regular volunteers for extra help. We can support you in bringing your project alive.
  • Food Growing: CEED can provide training and support to groups wishing to learn how to grow fresh, seasonal produce. As with all CEED’s projects, the manner in which this is delivered can be tailored to suit the beneficiaries needs. One–off sessions or longer term courses can be designed to match your site and interests.
  • Supporting Activities: Holiday activities, schools, youth projects. We can design and deliver environmentally related sessions to provide fun and engaging activities.


CEED Sunderland woodcraft activitiesGreen Woodwork – a simple way to describe a range of activities associated with woodland crafts. It could mean working with green or unseasoned wood or working in a green and sustainable or holistic way as there are many benefits for the landscape, the environment and the human who partakes in such activities.

CEED aims to utilise traditional crafts whenever possible in its projects. This can include living willow fences or other features; willow garden structure /wigwams; pole lathe work or construction of rustic furniture using ‘scrap’ wood or drift wood.

Courses on traditional woodcraft can be tailored to suit your needs and delivered at outreach venues.